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    shake the sky is a 350 word count real life site set in jericho bay, maine. a fictional island near bar harbor. though we are a lax community, we'd like to encourage everyone to post and be kind to one another.
    5/23: activity check ended.

    5/19: activity check is up!

    5/17: new site event and contest!

    5/10: happy one month! new stuff coming soon to celebrate (yay!)

    4/27: activity check ended.

    4/24: challenge has ended (congrats jules) and activity check is up

    4/20: spotlight challenge is up! check out the news forum!

    4/10: grand opening! woo!

    current weather: it is current spring, which means high to mid forties and low fifties, frequent rain shows and thunderstorms, the occasional snow as well as those few and in between sunny days.
    we're pretty even on genders, so do what you want. there is a ban on characters with or who have had cancer. if you have one requested or are currently making one, that's fine. but no new ones.

    congrats jules! (bella carter, dalton fairfax) for winning this month's member spot light!
    open - mod
    contact us if interested!
    never let go, jack

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we thank anyone who's stuck with us over the past two months and we hope you find new sites that might better fit you or your interests. <3
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